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Many College Scholarships are available to help millions of deserving students pay for their education. In addition to the many scholarships reserved for students with excellence in academics, athletics or the arts, many awards are also available for students who are interested in particular fields of academics, members of underrepresented groups, people from specific cities and states and those with economic needs.

The fastest way to search for scholarships and fellowships is to use our free scholarship search, that checks your personal history against a catalog of millions of awards. Only those scholarships that fit your needs and education goals are identified as matches. You can even apply online for some of the scholarships, saving you time and money.

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    Perform customized scholarship searches by entering your specific background details, city, state, ethinicity, prospective college major and other personal details. You can also browse the directory of grants by category.

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    Financial Assistance for College Hopefuls

    Students who receive scholarships often need additional financial assistance. Find the best sources for Student Loans to help meet all of your academic needs and living expenses. Lots of helpful information about private or alternative loans, stafford loans, Parent PLUS loans and direct lender loans. Educational grants are also available from the federal and state government to help cover your school and tuition costs.

    Our student loan consolidation service is available to people who want to lower their monthly payments by lengthening the term of your loans, with no pre-payment penalties. Apply today and you can lock in low student loan rates before they go up again.

    A large number of the grants for college students are based on financial need and specific eligibility requirements. Find out more about federal Pell grants >>>

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